Most Dangerous Gym Machines (Infographic)

Most Dangerous Gym Machines

There are various types of machines in gymnasium that can prove to be dangerous and the details of the same is provided in the following infographic.

The behind the neck shoulder machine can cause impingement as it puts too much stress on the shoulder joint. The rotary torso machine if done in an inefficient manner can lead to the torque on the spine.

Another dangerous machine is seated back extension that put stress on the lumbar spine. Seated leg press is a machine that causes lots of pressure on the joints of the knee and the lower back is stressed as well. The leg extension machine is used for the seated exercise and can lead to the problems of knee and can even cause torn meniscus.

If not used properly, the Olympic bench can cause injury as the chest and the neck is the part where the machine lands. Your muscles can be strained or you can face groin with the use of stretching machines.

The problems associated with hip abductor are hernia and signs of sciatica. Besides these other dangerous machines are Ab Roller, Lat pull down behind the neck, butt blaster, hack squat, the 45 degree back extension machine, the smith machine, kickbacks and overhead extensions, seated torso rotation, standing calf raise machine, seated ab crunch, pec deck machine, ab twisters and others.