Neck Stretches Are a Key to Reducing Stress

Anytime you are up late at night trying to finish some kind of project before the due date, you should always take a step back and do some neck stretches to calm yourself down. Outside of going down to the massage parlor and getting a nice thirty minute massage, neck stretching is probably the best thing to ease your stress and clear your head a little bit.

Everyone could use a clear head when they are trying to get some work down, but sometimes that pain in the neck and back just won’t go away and it keeps nagging at you to get up and stretch yourself out.

Neck StretchesIt isn’t very natural for people to be sitting at a desk for eight hours every day of the week, but that seems to be what most people do for a living these days.

It’s a rather drastic switch from thousands of years ago where everyone would be running around all day looking for some kind of food to eat.

Without proper exercise and stretching on a regular basis, you will likely get a lot of built up pressure in your neck and back.

Other areas of your body will feel this pressure as well, but your neck is the area that really leads the team in making you feel uncomfortable. Stretching out your neck every now and then is a great way to keep your body feeling good and also in improving your productivity. When you don’t have that painful stress in your neck, it’s much easier to get your work done.

The palm extension – neck stretches

The palm extension is an exercise that will help your back, shoulders, and neck all in one motion. To do this stress, stand up straight and give yourself some space to move around. Some people actually do this stretch without even knowing that it is very beneficial.

To begin, lock your fingers in front of your body and stretch your arms out as far as they can go. Next, flip your hands around to your palms as facing outward. You can then stretch out even farther and get more out of your stretching. Hold this stretch for about thirty seconds.

The push down neck stretch

The second of the neck stretches is known as the push down. This is for the top of your shoulders and both sides of your neck. Put your arms to your side and then have your hands facing your palms down toward the ground. Doing one arm at a time, lift your arm so that you are doing a chicken wing stance but keep your palms facing down.

You can think of stretching your arm down as if you were trying to push down on something. Make sure to do both arms before sitting back down. If you do these stretches every few hours while you are at your desk, you will be able to work more comfortably and get more done during the day. Anyone can benefit from neck stretches during a hard day at work.