New Fitness Fads In Perth

Though Perth may be rather a long distance to go for achieving fitness goals, the current fitness frenzy that the Australian city is in grip of, can offer inspiration and some new clues about what could work for you. Here are some of the hot new fitness fads that you could well make use of:

bikram yogaZumba – The Latin inspired dance system has arrived in no small way – those that wouldn’t have known anything about Zumba just a year ago, are now fanatical devotees. Classes have sprouted all over and more and more people are joining.

Bikram Yoga – People are surprised at how difficult it can be to hold the pose and how difficult it is to do in the heat! It can be exhausting and punishing – making you discover muscles in your body that you never met before! It is done in 38 degree temperature for a deeper work out.

Silk moves – It’s called ballet on air – participants move in graceful formations using silk material suspended from the ceiling for a workout.

Pole Dancing – This is still very popular – you learn some very sexy moves and get a bunch of attractively toned muscles in the bargain. Beware of the carpet burns and bruises though!