7 New Fitness Trends – From Stroller Strides to Trapeze Workouts

– Strange and Fun Trends in Fitness

If you’re looking for something new and exciting to amp up your fitness routine, then why not try one or two of these latest fitness trends to give your workouts a boost! We all know it’s tough to balance the needs of your family with work and your personal wellness.

Finding the right workout routine is therefore pivotal to getting your exercise without going completely crazy. These fun and exciting new trends in fitness will have you thinking more creatively and enjoying your workouts more than ever before!

1. Stroller Strides

If you’re a Mommy, then you need to multi-task, and when it comes to fitness, working out with your stroller is perhaps one of the best ways to entertain your child while getting your fitness minutes in on a daily basis. Stroller Strides is a new fitness trend that many Moms are tapping into. It involves working with your stroller to get a total body toning workout combined with a power walk. It’s strength training and cardio – all in one!

Stroller Strides

Generally these workouts are about 60 minutes in length and are suitable for all levels of fitness and intensity. Working with a group of women just like you, your Stroller Strides fitness routine involves power walking and intervals of strength and body toning exercises. You’ll use tools such as resistance bands, your stroller, and of course the great outdoors to get a workout for your heart, lungs, and muscles.

2. Caponyasa 360

Add an international flair to your workout routine with Caponyasa. This is a fusion of two popular fitness styles: Brazilian martial arts called capoeira combined with Indian vinyasa flow yoga. You’ll get a great cardio workout along with 360 degrees of movement to help you stretch, strengthen, and tone your entire body. Plus you’ll get a fantastic core workout to help you remain balanced and give you a straight posture and healthy back.

This workout is offered at select gyms throughout the country, but is sure to spread as its popularity increases.

3. Flying Trapeze

For some, it’s a fulfillment of a lifelong dream – to be in the circus! But seriously, some people are getting into the “Swinger” game of learning how to be a flying trapeze artist, and getting into great shape in the process! Taught by experts in the field using all of the usual equipment employed by trapeze artists (plus a few extras for added safety), these trapeze classes offer people the chance to laugh and play while they get fit.

And make no mistake, taking orders from an instructor while flying upside down is no easy task!

4. Hula Hoops

Relive your childhood and get back into shape with hula hoops! Being pioneered in a new way by several companies, hula hoops are making a comeback as the format for fun exercise routines that are a little bit dance and a whole lot of laughs. Hula hoops are used in a variety of routines to increase your metabolism, tone your torso, and strengthen your spine using fun and simple moves and grooves. It’s also a form of exercise you can do with your kids for whole-family fun!

5. TRX Training

Forget fancy equipment and expensive exercise tools! With TRX Suspension Training, all you need is a little TRX Suspension band – which you can take with you anywhere! Developed for Navy SEALS, this suspension training helps you build strength, flexibility, mobility, and balance safely and with little impact.

The TRX, which is a low-cost tool available through the company’s website, is used to take your workout training to the next level using suspension as your main form of resistance. See what your own body can do to help you get a better workout.

6. Kettlebells

Yet another form of strength training, this one involves new tools calls Kettlebells. Traditionally made from cast iron, these bell-shaped weights are used with ballistic (dynamic) exercises to build cardiovascular strength and flexibility. These cannonball-like weights have a center of gravity that extends beyond your hand which makes it easy to swing the bells during the workout. The bells help to work your back, shoulders, and legs as well as your core and also increase flexibility.

7. BOSU Balls

Much like the physio balls recommended by physio therapists, the BOSU Balance balls are half-balls (a hemisphere, to be exact) that sit firmly on the floor for excellent balancing, core exercises. The balls can also be used soft side down for additional core strengthening options. These can be used by both young and old in a safe, stable manner to improve strength and core stability. They can even be adapted for aerobic exercise.

So aren’t these fitness trends fun to do? Which one do you love the most? Do let us know.