Nicole Scherzinger and the Road Towards a Sexy Looking Body

Nicole Scherziger is one of the most well-known celebrities of our days, and not so long ago she also became part of the show Dancing With the Stars. This show is known for the fact that it helps the participants get in shape. In the previous seasons we might have seen Kelly Osborne lose 42 pounds and also Pamela Anderson get in shape.

Nicole Scherzinger and the Road Towards a Sexy Looking Body

What did she do?

During the show Nicole Scherziger had an extensive workout routine not to mention having a healthy diet. Naturally she was working out before as well being the lead singer of the band Pussycat Dolls. Nonetheless we have to say that participating in the show is a lot more challenging than preparing for the singing shows.

According to Nicole she has been the only person ever to put on weight during the show. This is because she is gaining muscle mass. In the same time this also means that she needs more food in order to keep going.

Her workout

She is working with celebrity trainer Adam Erstner who is focusing on building her muscle mass. In order to achieve nice flat abs she is performing crunches on an exercise ball. She is also doing some work regarding her legs besides dancing; she opted for running, doing lunges and squats.

It seems like all this workout required her to put more effort than the work she has been doing for the Pussycat Dolls’ performances. Nonetheless she states that she is used to having to work hard.

Nicole’s diet

Since she is burning a lot more calories than she used to, she has to make sure that she takes proper care of her body. One of the changes that she had regarding her diet is that she introduced somehealthy snacks. Usually she opts for peanut butter or apples, or even on snack bars that are said to be healthy and that contain little sugar and carbs.

When she is not working on the show and needs to lose some weight fast, she does this through removing carbs, dairy and salt from her diet. Also it is useful not to be eating late in the night. In case you have some healthy snacks during the day, you can be sure that you won’t eat too much during the regular meals. This way it is going to be easier to stick to a given diet.