Physical Fitness For Citizens Who Are Crossing Sixty!

Your sixties can be time of excitement or depression.

The choice is yours. If you want to start and maintain physical fitness, you can start now also making your sixties exciting.

If you neglect your physical fitness, it leads to depression (Managing depression).

Don’t forget to take tests to maintain physical fitness:

Blood pressure: Get you blood pressure checked often after age fifty
Dental check up: Have dental check up once in a year. Tooth decay can lead to heart disease.
Diabetes: Get a blood sugar test. You are at increased risk if you have blood pressure, high cholesterol, obesity or family history of diabetes.
Colon and rectal exam: Colon and rectal exam to check for cancerous growths.
Eye test: Eyes to be examined for every two years.physical fitness
Prostate exam: Prostate test should be done starting from the age of fifty.
Mammogram: Mammography should be done as often as doctor recommends.

This looks like a long list but to maintain physical fitness these tests are necessary. These tests should be done from the age of fifty. Now the frequency of tests is increased at this age.

Reducing depression for maintaining physical fitness:

Nobody wants to talk about depression. When you were child, you should have thrown the depression out from your life.

Depression can be seasonal or hormonal. Due to depression your body falls apart. Therefore you need to exercise. Exercise slows down the body decay. Exercise may not cure completely every form of depression but it is the one reason which takes depression off of your mind (Depression therapy).

When you workout, your body releases endorphins which makes you feel excited for hours after the exercise. Your body is rebuilt and it gives a sense of well being and confidence that you can carry all the time.

You can also go to gym for workouts and maintain physical fitness. Going to gym connects you with other senior members. You can share your feelings of loneliness and isolation that are leading to depression. Still, if you are suffering from depression, see the doctor (Treating depression). This is not the thing you should try alone.

Companionship for physical fitness:

Connect yourself to support network as it is absolutely essential. Don’t be alone. Don’t spend all your time sitting at home. Fill your time with meaningful activities that involves a group.

Regular activities for physical fitness:

Keep moving all the time. Stretch, walk, march, stand and sit as many times as possible. You can do your own household work. Gardening is the best option for physical activity. Participate in charity events. Park your car far away from the store you are going to visit. It is beneficial if you follow Exercises to work on specific areas of your body.

If grocery store is near, you can walk to the store. Use stairs instead of lift or elevator. Record the activities you are performing regularly.

As you are in sixties, use your time for meaningful activities which leads to good health and physical fitness. Otherwise your health can be worsening.