Pole Dancing – The New Fitness Mantra

Desperate Housewives star Teri Hatcher broke a few taboos when she decided to embrace pole dancing and since then the activity has deliberately tried to shed its rather seedy association with stripping. Pole dancing is now a legitimate way to fitness; a great way to increase, strength and flexibility and to get super toned, athletic bodies.

pole dancingVarious celebrities such as Amy Adams, Kate Moss, Cindy Crawford have used pole dancing to keep fit in an entertaining and innovative way. Pole dancing is not just a way to get toned muscles and increase flexibility, it is a great way to get a cardio workout, improve coordination and flexibility and enhance grace of movement.

Pole dance embraces several dance forms such as Latin, classical dances and so on. The fact that there is the ‘sexy’ element to this fitness method can boost self confidence and esteem as well.

Only recently, Emma Roberts, star of Scream 4, went on record to say that she maintains her great figure by doing pole dancing. The 20 year old star, who is Julia Roberts’ niece, began pole dancing classes as a great way to work out and exercise and also as a way to hang out with friends.