Poor Health In Children Caused By Lack Of Exercise

It is an unfortunate statistic that children’s obesity in the 6 to 11 age range has more than doubled in the last twenty years.

In the older, teenage years, the figure has tripled, highlighting that fitness programs should be re-examined to see just how effective they are.

To this end, a review was carried to see what impact the school based aerobic  classes has had on weight control. The results were not what government officials wanted to hear, because the exercise children are getting within campus is just not making any difference.

Someone with very outspoken opinions about child obesity is Frederick Hahn, co-founder of the National Council for Exercise Standards. What he would like is, every school in the country installing exercise machines.

Hahn who has more than twenty years experience in this field, insists that any fitness training must be combined with a low carbohydrate diet to see a reduction in over weight school children.

There is general disagreement over the best way to tackle the issue with various fitness genres claiming their methods are what is missing in school programs.

Dance teacher Diane Gallagher, for example, believes that the solution lies in teaching pupils the pleasures of dancing rather than mindless press ups. As most public schools only get one class a week to do any form of exercise, she says dance is a great all-rounder.

Until experts decide the best way to address the problem of chubby adolescents, any sort of daily exercise routine will be a long time coming.