Postnatal Fitness: A Workout For New Moms

You’ve just experienced one of the most beautiful things life has to offer…having a baby.

As you walk past the bedroom mirror, however, you realize you’ve gained a bit more than that bouncing bundle of joy.

You’ve gained a few non-baby pounds. Don’t worry because putting on the pounds during the pregnancy and post-pregnancy process is a natural and healthy phenomenon.

With a little determination and hard work, you can get back into that pre-baby shape and maybe even better shape than you ever were; and the beauty of it is you can even exercise with baby, spending precious time with the love of your life while getting in shape.

Before we begin, there are a few important facts you need to know. First, if your pregnancy was not complicated, you can begin working out within a few days after giving birth and getting an okay from your doctor.

If, however, you had a caesarian, you will need a couple weeks recovery time. The body sometimes still keeps the same physiological reactions that you had during pregnancy for up to four to six weeks after pregnancy such as lax joints, fatiguing easily, and a fast heart rate.

You may find it difficult to go above 135 beats a minute when you first start doing cardio again.

Start out by jogging in place for about five to ten minutes until the body is warm. Stretch all your major muscle groups. Make sure you are well hydrated.

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