Pump Up The Jam, Pump It Up!

Music can be a motivator for cardiovascular workouts. Have you ever been on the treadmill or elliptical or even out for a jog and thought “when will this ever end”?

Make yourself a mix CD or create a playlist for your iPod that will motivate you.

If you are into interval training fitness workouts then create a playlist that will have a medium tempo song followed by a few fast tempo and upbeat dance songs followed again by a medium tempo song. Create a playlist that will put you in a groove and energize you.

Whatever your generation, make sure to create some ‘oldies but goodies’ songs that you can’t help but to sing to.Music

Put on songs that you just have to dance to when the DJ plays them at a wedding reception.

If you are a child of the 80s make sure to have some M.C. Hammer, Toni Basil “Hey Mickey”, the theme from “Rocky”, “We Will Rock You” by Queen and maybe some Beastie Boys or even “Sweet Child of Mine” by Guns and Roses.

Whatever your musical tastes there are bound to be some songs that just get you up and moving and energized no matter what your energy level. Use this to your advantage and to the advantage of your workout!