Pushup Exercises To Improve Overall Body Fitness!

Pushups are excellent upper body exercises in which you will use your own body weight to build strong fitness foundation.

There is nothing wrong in doing modified pushups if you are not ready to perform the most difficult and traditional pushups.

Modified pushups are usually performed with knees positioning the floor, rather than your feet.

Pushups are considered as secondary exercises in regular workout schedule and they are usually given last priority in all kinds of body building or weight training programs.

But, because of its wide range of benefits, many serious health and fitness enthusiasts often believe pushups as the most effective exercise for improving their overall body fitness.pushup exercises

How to practice perfect pushups? Steps to follow!

It is always suggested to perform warm-up exercises before you start your regular body workouts. These warm-ups can greatly help you to reduce the risk of injury and makes your muscles ready for pushups. Make sure to stretch your wrists and arms properly while performing pushups.

  • Select an appropriate place or hard floor that can support your body weight and assume a prone position. Now keep your feet together.
  • Place your hands exactly under your shoulders with your palms facing the ground. Now curl your toes upwards towards your head, so that the balls of your feet touch the ground.
  • Now, slowly raise yourself by raising your arms. At this particular point, your weight should be supported by your hands and balls of your feet.
  • Make a straight line starting from your head to heels. This position of your body is called plank, which is usually used in other exercises.
  • Next, lower your torso to the floor, till your elbows makes 90 degree angle with the floor. After then, keep your elbows close to your body to get more resistance and always keep your head facing forward. When you lower yourself, try to draw a breath.
  • Next, rise by attempting to push yourself away from the floor and try to breathe out while you move away from the ground.
  • Repeat the above two steps as many times as you can or as suggested by your physical trainer.

Basically there are three types of pushup exercises that mainly include wide arm, close hand and regular. Try to know more about these 3 basic types from any experienced person or through your physical trainer and practice pushups for better health and fitness.

Essential tips to follow:

  • Practicing pushup exercises stresses your body muscles and makes them weaker. So, eat good nutritious food and take enough rest. This allows your stressed body muscles to heal and recover in much faster way.
  • Whenever you feel lower back pain, just stop doing pushups and immediately consult your regular physician to get proper treatment.
  • Try to practice pushups using your finger tips or fists, rather than using your flat hands. This can help you to strengthen your wrists. But, if you are new to this kind of practice, always try to perform it under the guidance of any physical trainer to avoid further complications.