Reasons Why It Is Important To Have Good Muscular Fitness

Aside from looking good, there are several health benefits to building muscles.

Muscular fitness means you have the strength, endurance and flexibility to handle your daily routine without injuring yourself.

There are different ways to develop muscle strength and fitness but all plans incorporate weightlifting with aerobic exercise.

You could take all the supplements you want but if you are not doing resistance training, they will make little impact on your muscle development.weight training

Even if you do not want to build big muscles, you should still perform some sort of muscle building exercise because it will benefit your body in the long run. By strengthening your muscles, you can avoid lower back pain [lower back pain exercises], poor posture and osteoporosis.

As you age your body begins to lose muscle. Insulin-like growth factor,IGF-1, is a hormone that enables cell growth, maintenance and repair. When your IGF-1 is lowered, the muscles atrophy.

Muscle atrophy can be treated with corticosteroids, dexamethasone and cyclosporine. Lack of nutrition causes a lack of vitamin D.

This coupled with limited physical activity can also cause muscle loss in older people. Excess amounts of inflammatory cytokines such as TNF-alpha and IL-6 can waste the muscle which is called cachexia.

As one gets older, their body fat increases and their muscle mass decreases. Testosterone levels diminish which create visceral fat when there is an increase in adipose tissue and aromatize.

As the body accumulates more fat, the body becomes resistant to insulin. In women, as their testosterone levels decrease, they begin to show signs of perimenopause. This affects their libido, mood, bone density and muscle mass.

To build and maintain muscle, it is important that you combine weight training with a healthy diet and possibly dietary supplements.