Report Shows Cardiorespiratory Fitness Avoids Heart Problems

The results of a study recently published in the Journal of the American Medical Association shows that people with a higher level of Cardiorespiratory fitness (CRF) are much less likely to die from heart diseases and other life threatening illness.

The research team looked at data gathered from thirty three studies that had taken place in recent years, involving a total of approximately one hundred thousand individuals.

Of that number nearly seven thousand had died, with four percent dying because of heart related conditions. Over eighty four thousand participants had cardiovascular or coronary heart disease.cardiorespiratory fitness1

The scale of CRF was created by using an estimated maximal aerobic capacity which was shown in units of a metabolic equivalent referred to as MET.

Patients were grouped accordingly with the lowest CRF being less than 7.9 METs. Higher was deemed as bigger than 10.9 and the medium range was between the two values.

This measurement of CRF offers a very practical method, for clinicians, of calculating the tolerance level of patients in regard to their daily routine and potential exercise routine.

To achieve the minimal amount of CRF in the fifty age group women and men would need to walk at a pace of 3 and 4 m.p.h respectively.

To prevent unnecessary deaths, every citizen should be encouraged to work towards the minimum of 7.9 METs. This is seen as an important figure and similar to cholesterol levels, an actual measure makes the job of the medical profession, in terms of awareness much easier.