Running For 5K? Prepare Your Body For Successful Training Program!

When you have decided to challenge your body for first 5K race, you should already run three to four times a week and you should not have any trouble running one to two miles without resting.

For 5K running, you have to prepare gradually and the schedule for preparation requires approximately nine to twelve weeks.

If you are a beginner with no experience but still exercise regularly, you have to practice for six months to prepare for the 3.1 mile race by first getting accustomed to running and then moving on to training.

If you are a newcomer to exercise and running, you should allocate six to nine months to become aerobically fit and conduct an appropriate training schedule. Fitness program is helpful to reduce the risk of chronic

If you are not in good shape, don’t sign up for any kind of competitive race. If you try to run a race without preparation, it leads to breathlessness, frustration and sore muscles the next day.

If you are fit for the beginning training for your first 5K race, you can go for good programs made up of easy runs for endurance, speed running to increase agility and pace and hilly workouts to build lower body strength.

Schedules should be flexible, allowing you to exchange workouts for days when you feel you need a break.

You have to give plenty of rest to your body for successful training program; otherwise you will be unable to participate. You have to notice how your body feels when you are running.

If you feel anything beyond normal fatigue and or recurring pains in your feet or legs, stop your training program and get it checked by medical professional. You won’t do any favor by running through pain and it leads to serious damage instead.

Along with regular running schedule, you have to include weight training program to your muscle building. Running for 3.1 miles requires lot of effort and you should be strong as much as possible. Once your muscles are developed, they can support your body and increase your stamina. You have to go for weight training program that focuses on legs and core to build the best support.

You may be curious about the proper diet for the training program. There is no specific plan for race training other than healthy diet. The diet includes vegetables, proteins and essential fat.

You should not take saturated fats like junk foods which are not the right kind and can seriously detract from your health. The best diet is well balanced with foods from all major groups but you should focus on vegetables, proteins, low fat and low sodium. Diet and exercise are the essential things to stay fit.

While running is major part of your plan, you have to consider other programs that can assist you in reaching your goal. You have to keep a record of your workout as well as your diet that can help to improve those areas you need.

Training and completing 5K running can be exciting and fulfilling experience. Give your self plenty of time so that you can prepare in the best way.