Running Shoes and the Challenge to Choose the Right Ones

When looking for a new pair of running shoes you will find that there are many different styles and brands on the market.

Usually all shoes feel comfortable in the store, but they should also be comfortable after running a few miles.

If you are into running most probably you already know that a good shoe has more to do with your style of running and the shape of your feet than the logo that is stitched on the side.

Road or trail?

The road running shoes where specially created for being used on pavement and for occasional runs on surfaces with some irregularities.

They are supposed to be flexible and light. It is important for them to stabilize or cushion the feet during the strides on even and hard surfaces.

On the other hand the trail running shoes were specially made for running on trails. They have aggressive out soles added.

This way the users have support, stability and underfoot protection. In case you often encounter rocks, roots, critter holes, mud or other kinds of obstacles when running, it is best to opt for shoes of this kind.

As a piece of advice if you cannot find a trail running shoe that feels comfortable enough and that is right for your style of running, it may be best to go for a road running one.

Your feet

In order to find the right pair of shoe you have to make sure that you know your feet well enough. Most probably you already know your size. However, if you aren’t sure or if one foot is bigger than the other it is best to have them measured with a Brannock device. Before buying shoes it is advisable to try them on to make sure that they fit.

It is important to know that the shoes durability can vary from one manufacturer to the other and even from one model to the other. In the majority of the cases men wear D-width Running Spikes while women need B-width shoes. It isn’t a must to have gender-specific shoes. This is because the lasts are supposed to be the same. The men with narrow feet should try women’s shoes. On the other hand the women with wide feet should try men’s shoes.

It doesn’t really matter what kind of shoes you have, the main point is for them to be comfortable and to offer you stability.