Sex And Fitness – The Connection

There is a connection between sex and fitness, weight loss and libido that ought to be fully understood in order to get the best out of life. Poor fitness levels have been known to be associated with a less than satisfactory sex life and the reasons are many:

  • If you are fit and healthy, you have better stamina. And many would agree that sex is related to stamina and physical endurance. Better fitness means better blood circulation, and that means there is no difficulty or dysfunction in some areas of sex.
  • Self confidence increases when you have a fitter, more toned and better looking body. There is no need to undress in the dark when you have no unsightly bulges and cellulite to worry about. Equally there is no reason why the sex cannot be exciting and abandoned when you feel that confident and sexy in your own skin. In fact nature programmed us to be more attracted to fitter healthier specimens of our species, so it is no wonder that there is a positive connection between fitness and a person’s love life.
  • Increased fitness means increased strength which can help on several different levels. There are a number of exercises that go directly to improve your sex life.
  • Better fitness can help to improve things in the bedroom and consequently can have a very positive impact on a couple’s relationship. Therefore, for more than one reason, improved fitness can end up saving a marriage!
  • Exercise is a stress reliever and causes the body to produce endorphins or the happiness hormone. As the endorphins help to put you in a more agreeable frame of mind and the cortisol levels come down as a result of lowered stress, there is more likelihood of the mind getting more into the mood so to speak. Lower stress levels are very conducive to a good sex life and this has been repeatedly demonstrated.
  • Not only does fitness impact your sex life positively, the reverse is also true. A session between the sheets could actually be a very good workout! All that racing of hearts and heating of blood, this is all helping the body burn calories. Sex can actually help you burn calories, so that it in fact contributes to one’s fitness levels.

So in conclusion, fitness and exercise are good for sex and sex is good for fitness. But watch out for going overboard with fitness, taking steroids for fitness can mess up the sex life. Also over exercisin

g can be detrimental and may also be the cause of injury so that will have a negative impact.