Skate Your Way to A Slimmer Summer

It’s getting to that time of year again…. Coats are being replaced with t-shirts and your jeans-and-boots combo with shorts and flip-flops. Yes, it’s nearly summer and, unless you want to spend the majority of it sweating through a hoodie, you’ll need to expose your limbs at some point. If you’re wobbly, pale and feel it’s about time you shaped up, there’s a good chance you’re looking at the best way to lose that winter weight.

If your gym membership hasn’t touched anything except your bank account in months and the last time you strained yourself was leaning too far over a bar to pick up a vodka RedBull, you’re probably open to ideas of how to work out without feeling like you are.

If you’ve got a sense of balance and that little bit of co-ordination, why not give rollerblades a try? Inline skating is a great way to get moving, without pounding the pavements or feeling the burn while going nowhere in the gym.

Roller skates are probably more versatile than you think, and come in a range of styles so you won’t feel stuck in the 80s (unless you want to, of course – the retro ranges definitely have their place). If you’re worried about keeping your balance, quad skates (two wheels at the front, two wheels at the back) are a good place to start. Suitable for all ages, there are even boots with adjustable sizes for youngsters who are growing up fast. So, there’s no reason why the whole family can’t enjoy coasting down the promenade on your next trip to the beach.

If a leisurely skate isn’t quite your thing, the old-school roller disco is still alive and well in most cities – They’re just a Google search away. Not only is watching your friends attempt to skate into the toilets hilarious after they’ve had one too many, you can use it as a far more athletic alternative to a nightclub, with all the fun of dancing and without a pretentious atmosphere. It’s all about getting moving and not taking yourself too seriously.

For those who are committed to putting themselves through their paces, speed skating on inline skates is an exciting challenge that will definitely get the adrenaline pumping. Whether it’s racing on the pavement instead of your standard jog, or experimenting with fancy footwork at a skate park, rollerblading is versatile enough to be both a leisurely mode of transport and an extreme sport.

With rollerblades ranging in price for beginners and experienced skaters, it’s fairly simple to find a price to suit your budget while still getting the quality you need – Try contacting some online retailers for their recommendations, if you struggle to find what you need on the High Street.

If you’ve been successfully persuaded to give rollerblading a try, here’s one last tip – Always buy a protection kit to guard your knees, elbows and wrists. It’s not uncommon to take a fall while learning (although it’s easy to brush yourself off and laugh!). You don’t want cuts and bruises to ruin your excellent legs when it’s time to triumphantly expose them in the sunshine!