Slow Burn Pilates? What Is That?

Slow burn Pilates is a nice and steady movements that are more effective and yield quicker fitness results than do Pilates otherwise.

This fitness class involves massaging one’s back by lying on foam rollers and doing bicep curls using flex bands, just performing all the movements slower and more steadily.

Slow burn Pilates is as effective as regular Pilates in strengthening, toning and sculpting the body, except that the emphasis here is on slow and steady movements.pilates

Connie English, proponent of Slow Pilates suggests that going slower rather than faster yields better results. Less is more she says. Slow Pilates stresses on safety rather than speed and also seeks to make a qualitative effort as opposed to quantitative ones.

The practitioners of this variety of Pilates concentrate on balancing correctly and in more controlled, conscious moves.  For instance flex bands that are used for bicep curls slow down the movement, but at the same time add resistance and therefore intensity to the workout. Increased physical coordination and flexibility is achieved through proper form used with deliberation.

A program that stresses on ‘Slow’ in a fast paced world may take some getting used to, but it is seen to work; the trick is to find out what works for each individual and what does not.