Soccer For Good Mental And Physical Health

A soccer research project conducted recently by the Department of Exercise and Sports Sciences, University of Copenhagen found that soccer was great for all round fitness; that included body and mind.

Not only does it create a sense of being part of a team or unit, soccer can also help prevent life style related diseases. The study found that men worry less when they are playing soccer than when they are out running; and for women as well; the game fosters a sense of team spirit while keeping them active.

soccerThe study spanned three years and some 70 countries with subjects aged 9 to 79 and looked to assess the physiological, psychological and sociological impacts of the game and how it compares with the activity of running.

Compared with running, soccer was found to have far better health and fitness impacts than running.

According to the researchers, soccer is a very popular team sport.

It has positive motivational and social factors that promote a physically active lifestyle.

Benefits ranging from cardiovascular and metabolic to musculoskeletal were seen among those who played soccer. And these findings were irrespective of age, gender or expertise with regard to the game.