Some Questions And Answers For Summer Fitness – Part 2

knee injuryWe spoke about some fitness facts earlier in a question and answer form; here are some more summer fitness questions and answers for you:

Q 4. How do overuse injuries result from outdoor activities?

A 4. For professional athletes, it is common that injuries result from overuse of certain muscles or muscle groups.

Arm or wrist injuries for a pitcher for instance or knee injury for a marathon runner may be par for the course, but these injuries are not common among regular exercisers. They are more likely to happen because of

  • If you take on too much too soon
  • Due to a lack of cross training

Q 5. What is the best fuel for workouts? Power bars? Gel Packs?

A 5. Most of us need nothing more than water for our workout. If it’s endurance athletes you’re talking about, perhaps gel packs are useful to aid recovery. For the rest of us, no power bars or gel packs are needed because there is no significant glucose depletion.

Q6. When you just want to quit, what should you do?

A 6. Get mental and physical rest by switching activities. Or get a workout partner. These options can keep you interested and boredom at bay.