Strange Fitness Routines That Can Help Get Fit

When the topic is fitness, leaving out the classical methods of doing exercise, there are some “strange” ways to be fit.

These ways can be fun and effective to lose weight and shape up the muscles.

There are many different ways to exercise and to transform the exercise activities into a funny and exciting routine.

These activities can be found helpful by the housewives and the bored exercise lovers tired of the gyms.

Such activities can be divided into muscle strengthening exercises and other fitness routine

When talking about muscle strengthening, for instance; a gym which is located in London uses midgets as human weights. Apart from using other human beings, there are some other strange ways to exercise.

First, to strengthen muscles women can wear high-heeled shoes and dance for long hours. This activity may increase the leg muscles more than dancing with sneakers. Another activity for women might be cleaning with a vacuum cleaner for the arm muscles.

Dancing plays a major role in having fun and being fit. Other than the usual Latin, modern dancing and other specific dance classes, dirty dancing may be a fun way to exercise. The dancing moves while acting like a diva may also be a good way of implementing some choreography with cool moves.

Hiking and stepping up and down the stairs all day, using beverage bottles for lifting or carrying the neighbors’ bike are also strange ways to exercise and getting the muscles in shape.

There are also ways to take advantage of gyms’ trial days. Different places and different atmosphere may change the person and may increase the will to exercise more.

If a person wants to socialize, and is not a fan of going to trial days of different gyms, a good way to exercise is running with the dog. The movies are not just made of fiction and the fit man running with the dog by his side will always be an adorable picture for any human being.

The jumping exercise with pogo sticks can also be a fun and smart way for both sexes to shape thighs and hips. Using the technology doesn’t always help to open a person to the new world and even less to a strange new exercise.

But the console games that allow playing virtual tennis and dancing have turned into a new way of indoor fitness.

With every new idea the strange exercise list can go on. Women most commonly claim that ironing, playing indoor soccer and even sex is helping to remain fit. The same wide range of choices goes with men.

While putting these exercises into practice, it is important to be careful for any type of muscle injuries and be aware of what to do. Whether is it considered to be strange or not, new, funny and effective ways to be strong and fit are always welcomed for healthier bodies and minds.