Street Dance Fitness – Getting in Shape with Attitude

Street dance is increasingly becoming popular thanks to the exposure it is getting through television and professional troupes like Boy Blue and Diversity.

It is not a particular style of dance but the umbrella term for different dances like hip hop, break dance, krumping, popping, locking etc.

Street Dance Fitness

The various dance forms of street dancing emerged during the 1970’s in the USA but are now becoming popular in Britain and Europe too.

Street dancing is also emerging as a popular fitness routine. The dance forms require a lot of energy and stamina to perform. They are proving to be a fun way to improve body fitness

And yes they do add a dash of attitude to your exercise regime. The dances involve most of the body muscles and there are plenty of stretches, squats, jumps and turns that make for a good work out.

It is also being promoted as an extra activity for children and youngsters. The main attraction being that it gives them an outlet for their bottled energy and also a physical activity.

Child obesity is becoming a real threat due to the sedentary lifestyle that most children follow and the romance of street dancing is being used to pull them out of their couches and on to the floors for better fitness.

Street dancing helps to improve stamina, makes joints and limbs more flexible, boosts self confidence and also improves concentration and general spatial awareness.

For beginners it might prove to be a tough game but with a little practice soon you will be stretching and flipping.

You will be rewarded with better fitness and body coordination. Most street dancing classes have a routine that comprises of different dance forms thus exercising your entire body.

If you are expecting to be able to do complex routines and difficult stunts, remember it will come with a lot of practice over time. Street dancing may look simple but it requires a high level of skill and needs a lot of patience and time to master.

So dance away to plenty of attitude and fitness!