Better Your Stretch for a Better Fitness Result

Being flexible is part of being fit. Flexibility can be developed or worked upon with the help of stretch exercises. These could include yoga postures or eccentric quasi isometrics. The idea is to stretch your body and hold the position for sometime.

Getting into a position may not be difficult but holding it can be very difficult. The picture below shows the Bow posture from yoga. This posture stretches the arms, thighs, abdomen and chest.

Stretch For Fitness

Simple to start off with but it can prove difficult to hold for a stiff body. Yoga postures not only increase the flexibility of your body but when done under proper guidance can also help you ease pain and strengthen your body muscles.

EQI are usually set at the end of a routine to help the body relax and to rest the muscles in correct stretching positions. The idea is to hold an isometric position and then slowly sink down as tiredness sets in.

The position may be the midpoint of split squat or dumbbell fly. The isometric position is held for thirty seconds and then the time is slowly raised to two minutes.

It is without doubt not easy to hold these positions but once you have reached the two minute goal, start adding weight and start over.

It is essential to stabilize correctly in order to avoid injury or pain. Beginners may like to use softball SMR to relevant body areas before getting into EQI positions.

EQI works towards stretching and strengthening muscles. It also helps to work towards the goal of a more flexible body. In fact regular EQI after the daily routine will show positive results in a matter of weeks.

These may prove to be a boon for dancers who need to have very flexible bodies to be able to perform stuff like splits effortlessly.