Study Shows Direct Connection Between Fitness And Academic Achievement

According to new research performed by the Dallas-based Cooper Institute, students who perform most effectively in their academic studies and examinations show a direct correlation to their level of  good physical fitness.

According to the results of the research published this week by the Texas Education Agency, the head of the study Dr. Kenneth Cooper is left in no doubt that a student’s level of physical fitness directly correlates with their quality of academic work.

Not only that the fitter the student the more inclined they are to have less discipline problems and a better attendance record.

Dr. Cooper’s study looked at assessments of physical fitness of a huge group of nearly two and a half million students. He compared the student’s fitness level to several academic measurements showed that fitter children are definitely more inclined towards better academic achievements.

They also discovered that certain schools had clearly higher level of academic success, which was balanced, by a higher level of physical fitness.

He was unclear as to whether attendance records were better for physically fit students simply because they were sick less often or because they were more inclined to want to attend school for the various games and sports related teams.

Cooper hopes that his results will push more schools to have much stronger emphasis on children’s physical fitness, not only for their personal physical well being but also for a higher level of academic achievement.