Summer Fitness Boosting Tips for Teens

A recent study has suggested that being fit may have positive consequences for teens that go beyond the obvious such as looking attractive, being healthy, enjoying good heart health and so on – teen cardiovascular fitness could help boost IQ it has been suggested by a recent study.

In the study, siblings and twins were examined and were subjected to a battery of tests including logical, visiospatial, technical, verbal and global intelligence and so on. It was found that those subjects, who were seen to have the best fitness levels, also performed best in those tests.

Tips for Teens FitnessIn particular it was seen that teens whose fitness levels improved between the ages of 15 and 18 had higher test scores.

Now with summer upon us, teens can help themselves get fit with some great outdoor activities such as –


Playing is not just for little kids; it is a terrific group activity that means fun with friends; it can teach valuable lessons in fostering team spirit, enhance competitiveness, teach new skills and greatly enhance physical fitness.

Tossing a ball around the yard, shooting some hoops, even some bouncing on a trampoline can be great fun and a great workout.

For teens, being part of a competitive sport may mean discovering new abilities in themselves and perhaps winning scholarships as well.

Doing chores

This one is bound to please the parents or your landlord – working in the yard, doing other chores around the house can be a surprisingly good workout. And do it the old fashioned way – ditch the mechanized lawnmower in favor of a manual one.

Walk, bike, and run

Wherever you have to go, try and reduce dependence of automated forms of transport – if you have the time and if it is practical, walk or jog to your destination. Or use a bicycle to get to wherever you have to go.

Hit the beach

And by this we don’t mean lay around in the sun. Go for an actual swim, get into other sports such as beach volleyball, or learn thrilling new activities such as surfing.

Organize or participate in hikes, treks etc

This again is a fun fitness activity that can involve friends and/or family. Teens can get together and organize a day trek or sign up for similar events organized in the school or community.

Get creative, get active, become fitter and healthier and perhaps along the way, you may find yourself getting smarter too?