Suspension Training: The Next Big Fitness Craze

Forget going to the gym, the brand new way to keep fit is to train while suspended in the air.

It is a fad that is taking off in a big way in America and the UK.

Dubbed suspension training, an individual uses a swing to get into the air and then a system of straps and feet supports leave you dangling.

In most cases, the exercises require that your head is facing towards the ground.

Randy Hetrick, a former squadron commander in the US Navy Seals believes it is the ultimate all over body workout. He has created over three hundred exercises and has trained the same amount of people to teach them.suspension training

The new craze does have a lot of critics, who believe that the workouts may be good for athletes or very fit people but could cause great harm to others. In particular, they are concerned for those with existing back injuries and long term problems with their joints.

Acroyoga is another activity that is gaining in popularity, although it has been practiced for nearly a decade in California. Thankfully this requires no dangling in the air and the only time feet will leave the ground is when your exercise partner launches from their feet.

With suspension training the key is to achieving perfect balance [Balance exercises]. It utilizes the TRX System of suspension made up of a carabiner ring and webbing from parachutes. American Crunch gyms use this in their Bodyweb classes, where customers can do knee tucks and press ups.