Take the Load off Your Feet

We often think of losing the weight in the interests of our heart, the brain, and several other organs of the body. We rarely however give any thought to our poor feet; the ones that carry around all the (often excess) baggage all day long!

The foot, says an expert, is tremendously well developed for its job but not when it comes to carrying around all the extra pounds that so many Americans carry, and then the feet have to bear the brunt of the extra pounds. The list of problems that even some extra weight can cause, are many:

  • Flat feet or flattened food arches can develop in childhood, particularly among obese children. This can be painful and result in misalignment of the ankles and legs.
  • Inflamed tendons is something that overweight women are even more at risk from.
  • Sore heels and the pain that comes with that happens more often to those that are required to be on their feet for considerable periods of time.
  • Arthritis of the foot and ankle can be exacerbated by a person carrying extra weight.