The Balance Board For Fitness And Health

We are learning more and more about the importance of developing and maintaining balance fitness and core strength, and the balance board or the wobble board may be a useful implementation to help to achieve these fitness goals.

balance boardA balance board is basically a plank atop a roller or a ball. The board could be rectangular or it could be round.

Not only is the balance fun, it can improve posture and increase range of motion of several important joints of the body.

Standing on the balance board requires the body to constantly keep adjusting its weight which uses many muscle groups, particularly the core muscles of the lower back and the abs. It also trains the brain to be more efficient at balancing. The balance board can help to:

  • Strengthen the core muscles of the back and the abs
  • Make working out or lifting more challenging
  • Improves physical coordination and balance
  • Keeps joint movement healthy, improves core strength and can therefore be useful for seniors
  • It can also help to avoid sport related injuries

You can do exercises such as:

  • No Motion, just balance
  • Back and forth motion
  • Squats
  • Pushups