The Benefits Of Cycling/Rotating Your Exercise Routines

Many fitness trainers and experts advise that exercise routines be cycled or rotated appropriately and for the best benefits. This means that you keep changing or tweaking your exercise routine in a way that gives optimum benefits. Here are some of the main benefits of cycling or rotating your exercise routines:

Helps train the different muscle groups:

By doing different kinds of exercises you can make sure that each part of your body and each one of its muscle groups is brought into play. So if on one day of the week you do weights for the upper body, you could give those muscles a rest the next day by going for a bike ride or a jog.

Doing different exercises and cycling them will ensure that no part of your body remains un-toned or flaccid and that your muscles develop proportionately throughout your body.

Keeps you interested and keeps boredom at bay:

One of the things that can really hinder your fitness goals is the setting in of boredom or ennui. This can lead to lack of motivation and ultimately sabotage your goals.

So by mixing it up, you retain your interest in your fitness goals and help yourself to keep it fresh.

If one month in the gym doing the same old thing is something that you find completely boring, replace that with an hour of riding the bicycle – this offers a great change and is literally a breath of fresh air for you.

Also you can help to keep yourself motivated by trying something completely new. You can join a dance class for instance; which can be a most enjoyable workout. Or you can start a new hobby or a sport – if your neighbourhood has a team you can try to get onto it, or you can start to learn kayaking or rowing or sailing if that is conveniently located close to home.

Help in losing weight:

Doing the same thing over a lot period of time is not only boring for the mind, it is also boring for the body as the muscles get used to a particular kind of workout.

The body may reach a plateau and the muscles may stop responding to the same exercise or reach their threshold of development. To once again kick start weight loss you can make a change that, in a sense surprises the body into losing weight.