Top 10 of the best places to bike within the UK

There are a lot of people who opt for cycling when they have some free time.

This is a really good option since it makes it possible for you to be outdoors get fit and also do some site seeing.

Top 10 of the best places to bike within the UK

1. Mawddach Trail Cycleway

This track is of 10 miles and it follows an old railway line. You will have to cross a bridge and the toll for crossing is a symbolic one. The good news is that the trail is relatively flat.

2. Forest of Dean

This is the perfect trail for you if you would like to have some fun with your family. There are a lot of spots to stop along the way.

3. Chilterns Cycleway

It is a serious route of 170 miles and naturally you could do only parts of it or the whole route. The route has both road and off road tracks and you will get the chance to visit numerous pubs along the way.

4. Bath to Bradford-on-Avon

The Avon and Kennet canal is just perfect for those who are looking for a good time. The route has only eight miles. On the road you will get to see amazing Georgian buildings and a lot of swans.

5. Crab and Wrinkle route

This cycling route follows the path of an old railway. If you follow this route you will see a part of the UK’s living history. When being on the route, you will pass through Whitstable, a wonderful little town with a working harbor.

6. The Solar System Cycle Path, York

If you are looking for a special experience, you could try family cycling around a replica of the solar system near York. The route starts with a scale model of the Sun and continues with the scale models of the other planets from our solar system.

7. FoulnessIsland

This is anMoD island, but if you take part in the annual cycling event you will have a ticket and you will be able to cycle around the island.

8. Corkscrew Lane

You will be cycling through secret corridors, woods and hills, and you will see a sight that only few people get to see.

9. The Tarka Trail

Here you will find 32 miles of trails that have no traffic. There is a classic route on this trail of seven miles. While being on the route you will pass through the historic site of Fremington Quay.

10. Yorkshire Dales

This cycling circuit takes you through the Yorkshire Dales National Park. Beautiful countryside, wild scenery and a one of the most famous pubs in Britain will make your cycling trip even more exciting.

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