The Graying Of The Gym?

Graying of the gym is a growing trend that can only mean good news for women’s health and particularly older women’s health.

Increasingly it is the older demographic of the country that is to be seen sweating it out at the gyms and fitness centers of the country.

Exercising and staying fit; earlier seen as the bastions of the young, are now seen as being breached by the seniors and the retirees.

The article talks about how the atmosphere changes when the retired or semi retired women troop into a patio gym: the Black eyed Peas tracks give way to the Beatles and the oldies; and the trendy, hop exercise clothes give way to loose and comfy things.older woman in gym

The women get together not just to lose the pounds but also to socialize. Exercising together with others is a great motivator and may well keep you on track when in an ‘exercising alone’ scenario one may have thrown in the towel.

The senior ladies find it fun to talk about old times, old TV shows and are able to realize fitness goals in an atmosphere of conviviality. The focus also has shifted to more appropriate concepts such as balance training etc.

This ‘graying of the gym’ could only mean positive fall outs for health and fitness of the elderly; and elderly women in particular.

Source: nytimes