The Jane Fonda Fitness DVD For Older Women

This is one fit 70 year old; one who would give women half her age a run for their money. Jane Fonda, actress, model and fitness guru of the 1980’s is making a comeback with a fitness DVD program aimed at older women.

She wants to encourage the older demographic to work out, whom either stopped working out or never started.

Her age group and that of the baby boomers has been left out according to her.

According to the official Jane Fonda blog, things are falling into place for her upcoming two exercise DVDs which will be filmed in March and will have 10 exercise programs. She even asks for suggestions from her readers about what she should wear in the new videos and her readers have obliged with several suggestions.

Fonda fans are looking forward to the DVDs but don’t hold your breath: this is slated to hit the market only in the beginning of 2011.