The Obama Fitness Cult

President Barack Obama seems to be hitting the headlines for all kinds of reasons many of which have nothing to do with politics.

His smoking has been one issue that has grabbed headlines, as well as the whole dog saga.

But the photographs hitting the front pages of newspapers and magazines across the world are those of him coming out of the sea after his swimming exercises.

The reason for this may well be that not too many world leaders have managed to stay as fit as 47-year-old Obama.

His well toned body has certainly managed to fill huge column inches in the world’s press and photos from every possible angle have adorned the covers of many hundreds of publications.

He is already being held up as an example of the sort of level of physical fitness that a middle-aged Western man should be aiming for.

One or two other world leaders have also been spotted bare-chested including Russia’s Vladimir Putin, but those photos in the headlines for the opposite reason than those of Barrack Obama.

Apparently he intends to continue his regime to keep up his fitness when he moves into the White House. This includes 7:30 AM workout at the gym every morning that is set for duration of 45 minutes. This is apparently a routine that he has been following since his early 20s.

In addition, he also runs 3 miles each day; the same course was true of former President Clinton. Although the security environment as declined since then so it is unsure if the new president will be allowed daily jogging rites.