The One Important Tool To Help With Your Fitness Goals

A recent study found that the difference between success and failure of a person’s weight loss or fitness goals could be something as simple as maintaining a journal.

It was concluded by researchers at the University of Kentucky and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill that the techniques used for motivation for a weight loss program are very important.

It is the element of self monitoring that is a very important aspect of motivation according to Kelly H. Webber, an assistant professor since it is this self monitoring that will determine the amount of exercise you do and the diet you eat.

fitness journalKeeping a journal of what and how much you eat and the amount you exercise was reported to be the best way to self monitor.

As against external motivation based on pressure from others and guilt, self motivation is proved to be more successful in helping people achieve their fitness goals.

In particular, those who kept a journal were seen to do better than those who did not maintain such a journal for everything they ate and the amount they exercised.

Other things seen to be helpful for motivation were contact with others trying to achieve the same results and with counselors.

Source: National Post