The Stars Are The Examples Of Right Fitness Routines

The motivation of the feminine movie stars to be in the best shape they can be is directly linked to their career success.

Penelope Cruz is one of the divas so very proud of her voluptuous forms but she admits that she is facing a continuous battle with the extra pounds.

In order to keep in shape she follows a strict routine of outdoor exercises under the supervision of her personal trainer Gunnar Peterson. So the recipe for someone like Penelope would be regular outdoor fitness.Penelope Cruz

In order to get in shape for the movie “The kingdom” shortly after she gave birth to her daughter, Jennifer Garner stretched and lifted weights. It seems this kind of exercise helped her get into shape quickly.

Ideal for the leg and bottom sculpting these exercises are a bit difficult for a beginner.

Jessica Simpson is a huge fan of fitness balls. She keeps herself in shape by flexing against a wall with her back to a fitness ball. Such exercises help with posture and muscle shaping.

According to Avril Lavigne the right recipe is to have fun while exercising. The singer works with Gregory Joujon-Roche, who says about her that she has a wonderful time while doing fitness routines.

So if the celebrities can find the time, the will and the energy to keep in shape the women all over the world should do more than simply admire them. Following their example might be easier than we can all imagine.