The Time Is Right For Outdoor Workouts

Summer temperatures and high humidity levels are now past and the cool fall air is upon us now. There is no better time to head off to the great outdoors for a workout. Before the cold and snow etc make it difficult to do so, head to your nearest park or any nearby outdoor space for an invigorating workout.

outdoor workoutNot only are you getting a good workout, you are also communing with nature and getting some precious fresh oxygenated air. Here are some tips for good outdoor workout in the park –

  • Running up inclines (even if they are small and take only about 15 to 30 seconds to reach the top) four to six times can be an excellent work out.
  • Using park benches to perform this workout – place hands on bench little more than shoulder width apart – extend one leg behind and bring the other up towards the chest and then alternate positions quickly.
  • Perform bench lunges putting one foot on the bench and one on the ground. Bring the foot on the ground towards the chest and then back again.
  • Perform twisting bench push ups.