The Top Eight Ways to Get More Fitness into Your Busy Schedule

Working full time at office and other responsibilities at home and outside leaves less amount of time to take care of yourself.

Fitness is important but you may never be able to exercise an hour every day due to your busy schedules.

But there is no need to exercise for one hour, even the smallest effort counts. Here are top eight ways to get more fitness into your schedule.

Fitness At Work:

There are many ways you can exercise at work place without anyone even knowing. One of the easiest method is taking the stairs instead of elevators. You can also do stretching exercises at you desk

Do smaller workouts for fitness:

There is no need to exercise for thirty minutes or more to achieve maximum results.
Smaller increments of exercise throughout the day produce same effect as one longer workout.

Plan your day to work several ten minute bursts of exercise. If you incorporate three segments of each ten minutes into the day, it will become a thirty minute exercise.

You can increase the workouts later on to six segments of each ten minutes.

Fitness At Home:

If you are at home, you can play with your kids. You can have a walk with your family members in the evening or after dinner. You can also include turning house work into aerobic exercises. Whenever possible, go to grocery shop and carry groceries to the car and load them yourself into the car.

Equip Yourself:

If you have exercise equipment at the office, you can work out for few minutes. There are plenty of smaller workout tools that strengthen your muscles. A set of dumbbells ranging in weight from three to pounds can be used. Dumbbells are used in upper bodywork but there are exercises that use dumbbells and call on the lower body muscles at the same time. You can also buy a yoga mat to keep it at office.

Resistance bands can be used with variety of tensions so you can choose the best level of resistance for your needs. You can use these bands for upper bodywork, leg training, and stretching. Add one or more of these fitness tools to your office and workout daily so that you can see the difference in few weeks. You can carry those equipment and workout at home also.

Give importance to your health:

If you are a busy professional, you often neglect your health care. You have very less time for self care but in the long run this can damage your physical and emotional health. If you are ignoring your body too long, you may find yourself with serious health issues that could have been avoided by being conscious of your needs before only. You should realize that taking care of your body is important and needs to be treated as the other concerns of life.

Spur of the Moment:

If you feel bored at any time, use your time to visit a local park and do some speed walking. You can also go for a local mall and walk briskly around all levels.

Your vehicle:

Do you prefer a two minute drive with heavy traffic, long stop lights and search for a parking space or a ten minute walk? If you are going for short trip, it is better to prefer a ten minute walk as it becomes a ten minute exercise for your body. If you are going for long trip, then you can park your vehicle far away so that you can walk for few minutes.

Reduce stress:

Long term stress can create a strain on the cardiovascular system and can contribute to the heart disease. Although you cannot eliminate stress completely, you can reduce the stress. You can reduce stress by relaxation techniques, physical activity, yoga, deep breathing.