3 Easy Tips for Better Fitness

All of us strive for a healthier lifestyle. We want to both look and feel good. But aspiring to be healthy is one thing, and actually achieving it another and the difficult part. To really try and bring a little more health and fitness into your life, it’s all about setting manageable goals and sticking to them.

We’ve got a few tips that can help anyone get a little fitter, no matter what their current levels of exercise are.

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

We hear this piece of advice all the time. How many of us actually take on board the tip to keep ourselves as hydrated as possible? Water is the most concentrated element in our body, so even small losses of hydration can be detrimental to our health.

If you’re pushing your body to the limit when working out, it’s vitally important to keep yourself as much hydrated as possible. As well as drinking plenty of water, look into sports drinks or even coconut water (for a natural remedy) as these contain vital electrolytes your body loses during heavyexercise.

Rest is best

You may live by the mantra of ‘no pain no gain’, and while this may benefit you when actually training in the gym, pushing yourself to the limit without making time for proper rest and recuperation will be counterproductive. Without setting time aside for rest all you’re doing is breaking down muscle tissue when working out rather than building it up.

This could also lead to health problems further down the line. So listen to your body and know when it’s time to take rest. This should be at least one day a week, but can be more, depending on your training schedule. It’s all about your own body and you’ll know when you’re stretching your limits.

Focus your mind

It’s important to keep both your body and mind in sync. With that in mind, try and think about the way your body is working as well as which muscles you should be using. If you’re concentrating mentally on your target muscles, this will increase the chances of them working properly during your exercise regime.

Not only that, it will also decrease the use of “helper” muscles. If you’re more focused in this manner it will ensure you get the maximum benefit from your workout, as well as helping in avoiding injury.