Tips to Get an Hour-Glass Figure

An hourglass figure is a distinctive body shape. It refers to a round and curvy physique with a completely well-defined waistlines. The fuller hips and bust with a defined waistline give an individual the shape like that of an hour glass. Most women around the globe consider this to be the most desirable body shape. While some lucky ones are blessed with such a figure naturally, some may just be left craving for it. For those who are blessed with the hourglass figure to begin with, the only advice most fashion gurus churn out is to flaunt it to the best of their fashion abilities.

But for those who seek to achieve this body shape, it may be a bit difficult to get there. But it isn’t impossible. Listed below are a few tips to get an hourglass figure:

tips to get an hour glass figure

Exercising Tips

It is true that it is not possible to completely change one’s body shape. But a transformation has been and can be achieved only with a lot of hard work. The first advice for every hard worker seeking the hourglass figure is- ‘exercise’. But just saying “go exercise” is not enough. You need to exercise right.

A Few Exercises Which you must Practice for this Goal are

Windshield Wiper Abs

This exercise when practiced regularly pushes the abs and the oblique, tone and hones these areas to help you achieve the hourglass figure.

Stability Ball Pull-Over Weights

This one works on multiple problem areas when it comes to achieving the hourglass figure. It helps strengthen the core while working on the triceps region, legs, butt and the upper back.

Leg Elevated Dead Lift

This will help you get the perfect butt and lower back for that hourglass figure.

There are many other exercises that you can add to your regime.

  • Following a proper regime with right amount of strength training and cardio will definitely help you achieve the hourglass look. Just remember to aim for a smaller mid-section and fuller hips and bust

Lifestyle and Diet Related Tips

  • The next tip is to always, always eat right. The thing is, even if you are working really hard in the gym or are training long hours, the results won’t show if are not eating right. You must stay away from foods with saturated fats, foods that are fried and have excessively high amounts of sugars. Instead eat healthy foods, for example fruits, veggies and food high in proteins and fibers.
  • You should also make sure that you drink enough water to stay hydrated after the strenuous exercising sessions. If you stay dehydrated, it will reflect badly on your body and you will set behind in your aim to achieve the perfect hourglass figure.
  • Another important tip for those who are trying to get the hourglass figure is to start looking the part already. One way to tone down your problems area is to wear body-shaper. For example, if you have the right waist and butt size but an extremely heavy bust, you can wear a bust minimize to get the hourglass figure look.