Tips To Maintain A Better Posture

If you remember grandma telling you to sit up straight, she did so for a reason.

Bad posture can be a bad thing in a variety of ways: it can cause damage to the spine, lead to back and joint pain, and result in poor circulation, which in turn will lead to other problems.

Headaches and respiratory problems are also known to start with a bad posture.

Not only does a good posture make up appear taller, it makes you look more confident. A good posture goes to the image, the attitude that you project about yourself. Do you appear diffident or hesitant? It may be your posture that is giving this impression.good posture

One of the things to do to improve your posture is to increase your awareness of your posture. Pay some attention to the way to stand and particularly the way you sit. When you find yourself tending to slouch or slump, pull yourself up: both literally as well as figuratively.

Pay particular attention to when you are driving or using a computer, because it is at these times that you are least likely to pay attention to your posture. Remember bad posture is a bad habit that you can break.

Get and use proper chairs and tables. Ergonomically designed furniture would be excellent; however you can also make your own modifications and adjustments to your existing chairs, by adding a cushion or something for added back support so that you don’t tend to slough in your chair.

Wear proper shoes. Shoes that offer good support will help you with your posture. Many women find that they develop a good posture when they are wearing heels; however heels can be the cause of many problems as well, so be careful with heels.

Exercise and do Stretches: Make sure that you are as close to your ideal weight as possible. Uneven distribution of fat in the body can make it difficult to develop and maintain good posture.

A large tummy for instance can disturb your body’s balance, therefore making it difficult for you to have a good posture. Stretches will make you more limber and flexible.

Don’t put that phone in the crook of your neck. This contorts your body, particularly your neck and shoulder into unnatural positions and is not good for your posture.

It is good idea to check whether your posture is good by doing the wall test, which involves standing with the back of the head touching the wall, with the heels six inches from the baseboard.

Let the buttocks touch the wall and measure the between your neck and the wall distance with your hand. If you’re within two inches at the neck, you are close to a good posture. If not, the neck posture is too forward and can be subject to deterioration of joints and discs.