Tips To Make the Most of Working Outdoors

The warm spring weather is perfect to get your fitness exercises outside and make the most out of the great outdoors. This will be great for your daily routine and will add a fresh wind of change into the already boring indoor exercises.

Tips To make the Most of Working Outdoors

Back to the Park

Before cold weather had settled in, the local park was the place to break a sweat and get your body all toned up. So,now it’s time to go back to your urban jungle. Take a deep breath to feel the breeze of freshly cut grass and enjoy your exercises in the morning sun.

Use the Park-Props: the Bench

A plain bench can change your pushups and planks by making them harder or easier, depending on your choice.  Stand with your back facing the bench and low down until you can place your hands on the bench. Now low even more and start your usual foot workout. From a squat position start lifting one foot at a time. Make sure you pace your breath to make the exercise more efficient.

Outdoor Pilates

A park is a great place to do your Pilates exercises, as you only need an easy-to-carry mat. Find a nice green spot and begin your exercises.

Get Creative

If you exercise outside there is no need to give up on your regular equipment. Take your TRX or your resistance bands and tie them to a tree, so you can exercise just like you do at the gym. Natural logs, sticks and other features can be found in the park and transformed into exercise props. Jump over logs, use them for balance exercises. Whatever pops in your mind can be used.

Find Your own Running Track

Parks can have their own track and they are usually near a school, which has a track you can use. The advantage of these is that you can be your own instructor and have an uninterrupted session of working out. You will need to get special outdoor running shoes, which are made to offer maximum support and prevent injuries when running outside.

Use the Sand

Working out on the beach is more efficient as your muscles work harder on sand, because it is an unstable surface. In the park you can find small areas of sand where you can maximize the burnout and get in shape faster than ever.

Exercising outside has also another advantage, one that goes on deep into your brain. Your mind is also challenged when running outdoors because the surroundings always change. There is always something happening in the background, which will stimulate your mind and can help you focus on your workout session.