Tips To Stop Worrying And Love The Gym

There is nothing as inspiring as an actual story of a person who has done what it takes to make the changes and regain fitness and health.

It is that which gives us the inspiration to make a start; the confidence to persist. Here are some tips you can use:

  • Eat fewer calories, exercise more: when eating out, cut out the trimmings such as the onion rings, ask for a vinegar based dressing over a mayo dressing, the fries on the side. Choose leaner meat cuts. If you are already exercising, increase the intensity or the duration.
  • Count the calories to eat a little less than the particular requirement for your height and body type.exercise
  • If the weight loss is slow; don’t worry. That is actually likely to be a good sign that you will be able to keep it off.
  • This will take courage: give away the fat clothes. This will remind you to keep to the straight and narrow: if you find that your nice new wardrobe is starting to feel a bit snug after a while this will act as a wake up call.
  • If you don’t enjoy the working out and the cutting back so much, don’t worry; you soon will.

Source: Science Blog