Top 5 Fitness Apps For Your Iphone Or Ipod Touch

From among the huge number of fitness, diet and exercise related applications that are offered for your iPhone or iPod touch, many may be no good at all. But there are some that are well worth considering:

The Lose It! App. This is a calorie tracking tool and arguably one of the most successful and popular of their health apps. Feed in what you eat and the software tracks the nutritional information of what you ate based on the supermarket and other samples that are included in their database. Even restaurant food is covered!

itreadmill appThe WebMD App: This is a reference tool that you can access even offline and can offer information about a host of health related issues from the common cold to CPR.

It is educational and extremely useful but you have to guard against becoming an armchair physicians and self medication based on half baked knowledge!

The iTreadmill App: Many of us prefer the outdoors to stationary walking indoors, however would enjoy having the information that a treadmill provides.

This is a treadmill like software that counts steps, tracks speed and the approx number of calories burnt.

The iFitness App: With 230 exercises in its database as well as videos to explain them, this one is like your own personal trainer.

The Pocket First Aid and CPR App: This one became popular after the Haiti earthquake, and it really is something that may count in an emergency.

Source: IGN