Discover The Top 10 Essential Fitness Apps For 2014

Are you hooked to your fitness and workout sessions? Just can’t imagine yourself not exercising or working out?  Well, welcome to the club. For all you fitness freaks out there, there is ample number of fitness apps available across all the various platforms. These apps serve many different purposes like improving your running, building stamina, improving heart health etc.  But out of the huge number of these apps, how to pick up the best ones for your handheld device? Well, worry not! The following is a list of the top 10 fitness apps for 2014:

Fitness Apps For 2014

1. Runtastic Six  Pack abs-Android, iOS

This is one of the high rated fitness apps available both on iOS and Android.  It is among the best core strengthening apps  and is also inexpensive.  It tracks your running and keeps account of speed, distance and time etc.

2. Hot5-iOS

This app comes with many easy to follow workouts and offers many options such as yoga, core workouts , flexibility exercises and many more. It is available for free on iOS app store.

3. Virtual Runner-Android, iOS

This app takes a virtual journey on the most popular and iconic race courses and makes you feel like a true runner.  This app is extremely easy to use and is a definite must have for all fitness lovers out there.

4. Nike+ Running-Android, iOS

This is another wonderful fitness app for all those who love running and like to keep track of the distance covered and speed achieved.  The best thing about this app is that it is free of cost on both Android and iOS platforms.

5. Yoga Studio-iOS

This is a perfect fitness app for all those who are into Yoga or wish to learn Yoga.  It has instructions for over 280 Yoga poses and is a complete guide with 30 classes of HD videos.  Infact, you can also create your own custom class with this superb fitness app.

6. Fitocracy-Ios, Android

This app makes fitness more fun and is designed to track and log your workout sessions so that you can easily judge your progress.  With an interactive interface and superb usability, this is an essential fitness app.

7. MyFitnessPal Calorie Counter and diet tracker-iOS, Android

Fitness is not just about workout out but also about taking care of the diet and proper intake of calories. This app keeps track of the number of calories you have on a daily basis and is an effective diet tracker.

8.  Zombies, Run-iOS

This may be a paid fitness app but has been gaining popularity as one of the best fitness apps for the year 2014. This is basically a run tracking app with a little bit of Zombie fun.

9.  Fitbit-Android, iOS

Track your daily fitness and workout goals with this easy to use app which logs your calories intake and tracks running and daily progress.

10.  Reebok Fitness-Android, iOS

This is a free fitness tracking app which allows you to custom create your workout schedules and routines. It balances your various physical activities and makes it to the best fitness app list of the year 2014.

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