Travel Fitness Plan to Stay Fit and Active on the Road!

You will say that jumping inside and outside the plane is enough exercise. But this is not an exercise which conditions your heart, makes your joints and reflexes more fluid, keep the sugar levels or keep you from swinging from one mood to another.

It is also not the kind of exercise that will make you excited and overjoyed after a good cardiovascular session. With proper fitness plan, you have to counteract the effects of jet lag.

fitness planYour travels help you recognize how boring your workout routine has become.

At home, you follow the same exercise plan of working with same weight machines in the same order and in the same time day after day, week after week and month after month. Your travel can change the routine fitness plan.

For some reasons travelers do not follow fitness plan while they are on the road. Sometimes they feel stressed, they don’t have access to hotel gyms and they don’t feel comfortable about working out in unfamiliar places.

But once you make a small effort to change your thinking, you will be on the road to fitness sooner. A good fitness plan allows you to get out of those meetings, seminars and tours.

Walk while on the road:

While traveling, have a good fitness plan in place. Take walking shoes along with you. Walking shoes encourage you to take stairs instead of escalator. Instead of taking conveyer belt, you can walk. Instead of taking the shuttle service to transfer from one concourse to another, you can merely walk on foot. Walking long distances with luggage serves as a weight lifting exercise.

Fitness plan while flying:

Once you sit in the plane, you can make stretching and walking periods. If it is a short hour journey, you can just walk around the plane and do your stretching at the back of the plane. If it is a long hour journey, get up from your seat and walk around at least once every hour. Perform leg extensions and neck movements.

A proper fitness plan includes getting portable exercise equipment along with your luggage. You can get resistance bands, yoga mat and dumbbells along with you and can use in the hotel room.

According to the reports, passengers in the economy class are suffering from Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) as they did not follow fitness plan. DVT means formation of blood clots and this constitutes reason to force for exercise while high in the sky.

Make a fitness plan and exercise possibly while traveling. Schedule your flights so that once you reach the destination, don’t rush for dinner and then sleep.

Arrive in late afternoons or early evenings so that you can reduce the fatigue caused by the trip. Have a fitness plan of at least one hour to do exercises either in your hotel or at hotel gym.