Turn Your Gaming Console into a Personal Trainer!

For those of us who are die hard gamers, this has to be the answer to a prayer – a gaming console cum personal trainer; made possible because of the latest fitness gameYour Shape: Fitness Evolved for Microsoft’s Kinect.

fitness gameKinect is able to scan the body of the user to create a fitness program to suit the user.

Also useful in your quest for fitness is the EA Sport’s Active 2, which requires the user to wear a heart rate monitor as well as a sensor for movements that are made – this helps track the user’s progress.

And these aren’t a cakewalk either; they can give you a pretty good workout in terms of intensity, exertion and so on; particularly the cardio programs.

The programs come equipped with on screen trainers that help keep you motivated by encouraging you as you sweat it out, and offer options of a variety of different work outs. The programs have the added benefit of on-screen calorie counters as well.

This is like best of both worlds – gamers need not turn into sedentary couch potatoes; their game can literally keep them on their toes. And gym rats need not work at the same repetitive program; they can get some much needed variety and a change of scene with these fitness gaming consoles.