Turning seventy? Stay Healthy By Maintaining Total Fitness!

You are in seventies with good health, congratulations.

The reason for long and healthy maturity is because you are active.

The reason for total fitness than most people born in the generation before yours is medical science has improved.

None of the improvements do well if you don’t examine for various diseases on regular basis. Once you hit seventy, it is not required to take as many screenings. But, still prevention is better than cure. If the type of examination is not harmful to your body, you can have the tests.total fitness

Tests to consider in seventies for total fitness:

Osteoporosis: This test is useful for women over 65. If you are engaged in weight bearing exercises, your doctor allows you to get screened less often.

Blood pressure: Checking the blood pressure is unavoidable thing and you should do it regularly. This test does not harm you.

Eye exam: Get your checked every year from now on.

Cholesterol: Watch your cholesterol levels and keep the bad cholesterol low and good cholesterol moderate.

Body fat: Check out your body percentage fat and weight. Keep your weight under control.

Prostate cancer: This screening if done earlier will be clear than in seventies.

Mental health: New nerve connections continue to form in your brain throughout your life. You have to encourage the growth and maintain the ones you already have. Your doctor tests with few simple tests. Your doctor asks about your current levels.

If you exercise regularly, you pass all the tests with no tensions.
Plan for mini workouts carried out multiple times throughout the day to achieve total fitness. These mini workouts when done regularly can burn several hundred calories per day and help to lean body.

For maintaining total fitness get a pedometer and wear it regularly. Keep the record of how many steps you take every day. To achieve total fitness, aim for 10,000 steps per day. Challenge yourself to meet the goal.

For achieving total fitness, always use the stairs instead of elevator. Stair climbing burns significant number of calories.

Always drink 8 to 10 glasses of water for maintaining total fitness. Water helps your body to work more efficiently. Eat smaller meals often instead of large meals. Eating small meals raises your metabolism and you will not feel hungry.

At this age your health care will shift a little away from disease prevention and more towards disability prevention. Exercise regularly, eat right and keep your mind engaged in stimulating activities. If you have busy schedule then your can follow Quick workouts.

Total fitness helps to have lean strong muscles and healthy attitude that makes your whole body feel well and strong.