Using Playtime For Fun Family Fitness

Time can be a major constraint when it comes to fitting fitness and working out into your daily schedule. So it makes a lot of sense to choose activities that accomplish two goals with a single effort. Family play times are an excellent way to increase good health and fitness for the entire family.

family fitnessSo the next time that you’re planning to settle down to a family movie, head out and play tag instead. This is quality time spent together by the family that raises the heart rate and family fitness, and much less time spent before the TV. The physical activity is as good for the children as it is for you.

Kids today have far more sedentary lives than ever before, with the TV, computer, video games and other things that keep them indoors. All of this combined with the convenient food lifestyle raises risk of obesity and health concerns among kids.

To give kids a better start in life, get them involved in your fitness program, since this will not only get them active, it will also increase your likelihood of sticking to the program. And if you don’t have your own kids to play with, make friends with the neighbor’s kids!