Using Reflexology To Achieve Health And Fitness Goals

Over the ages, most cultures have practiced some or other form of reflexology or zone therapy, which is a method of natural healing based on the understanding that applying specific pressure to the hands and feet results in a corresponding health benefit for another connected part of the body.

There can be various benefits that can result from the practice of reflexology for athletes as well as for general fitness and health goals of others:

Helping Athletes recover from Injury:

As athletes subject themselves to often grueling training routines, and competitive sport, injuries are something of an occupational hazard.

Runners and sprinters as well as those involved in contact sport can get a lot of help from reflexology because it can reduce pain and stress, it can speed up the natural healing process of the body, improve circulation and reduce inflammation. Any kind of muscle strain or stress can be helped with reflexology.

Also reflexology is known to help improve flexibility and endurance which can be very important for athletes. Though it cannot be a standalone treatment or substitute for conventional therapy, this can help to assist mainstream therapies for athletes.

General health benefits:

Reflexology can help those with insomnia and sleep problems to sleep better. It can aid in relaxation so that physical and mental stresses can be reduced.

Many kinds of chronic pain, such as back pain, particularly lower back pain, water retention or edema, and headaches, even people suffering from migraines may get help.

If a person suffers from slow digestion or constipation, reflexology can help to improve the situation. Even those who had gall stones or hemorrhoids could consider reflexology sessions, which helps speed up the digestive system and hence helps in treating these situations.

IBS, Acid reflux, Crohn’s disease, etc are also conditions that can be treated.

People with poor immunity who find that they are prone to infection and illness during the flu and cold season find that reflexology helps to strengthen their immune system – to avoid infection as well as recover faster.

Reflexology can help maintain good heart health and help to avoid high cholesterol, high blood pressure and metabolic syndrome. Targeting the heart reflex, diaphragm and chest reflexes, spinal reflexes and the kidney reflexes can help to maintain good heart health.

Emphasizing these systems in reflexology sessions could improve circulation and reduce blood pressure. In the event of a heart attack, reflexology can also used as first aid in the absence of an emergency medical response. (Visit the Lifesystems First Aid Kits website for more info on first aid)