The Truth Behind the Vo2 Max Test

You might have heard numerous people talking about the vo2 max test, but you might not know what it refers to. Let’s start at the beginning: what it vo2 max? It could be defined as the maximum oxygen intake during exercise. It is known that as the exercise increases, the oxygen intake increases as well. Nonetheless there is one point, where the oxygen intake will rise no more.

The test of vo2 max involves you working out on a treadmill or on a bike. At the beginning of the test the workout is at a light intensity but it is getting more difficult after every minute of workout. The person performing the test will be wearing a mask that measures the air expired as well as the percentage of the oxygen and carbon-dioxide in the expired air.

Vo2 Max Test(photo by teamtraveller)

With the help of the vo2 max test it is possible to determine the aerobic threshold, the lactate threshold and also the vo2 max.

The aerobic threshold represents the right intensity to develop endurance. At this threshold the body engages almost all of the slow-twitch muscle fibers, without engaging the fast-twitch muscle fibers. The truth is that the majority of the athletes overestimate this threshold.

The testing of vo2 max will show the level of exercise where the fat burning is the most efficient with minimum time for recovery. The majority of the athletes don’t know their threshold and so the recovery time is longer for them.

This level isn’t only the most efficient, but also it allows the highest level of volume.

As it has been mentioned the testing of the vo2 max also offers information regarding the lactate threshold. This refers to the highest intensity at which the body is still able to recycle lactic acid just as it is produced.

Below the threshold, although the athlete is working hard, the lactic acid doesn’t have a chance to accumulate, but if the speed is further increased, it will cause the accumulation of the lactic acid.

In case the athlete knows his threshold, he can work even more efficiently. This kind of acid is a byproduct of working out that will cause the burning of muscles and also contribute to fatigue. No matter at what level the athlete is working out, there is always a certain production of lactic acid, but at low intensity, this is easily recycled.

The vo2 max test, just as the name suggests, shows the vo2 max which means the maximum intake of oxygen in one minute in case of maximal exercise. This way it is possible to find out about the maximal endurance of the athletes. In the same time the testing for vo2 max is an indicator of the potential of the athlete, while the aerobic and lactate threshold show the endurance of the athlete.

With the help of testing of vo2 max you could be able to create the optimal workout routine and also the speed and difficulty of exercise. All this thanks to the vo2 max testing.